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The Charter School is pleased to partner with the School District of the City of Erie for transportation for those students who reside within the Erie district.  Buses and drivers are contracted through First Student Transportation. Several children who have moved to outlying districts after enrollment have transportation provided through their home districts, but all students, regardless of where they live, are eligible for transportation. All buses and drivers are provided through the same contractor.

Accommodations for Special Education Students:

Due to the high number of special education students enrolled in the Charter School, and to insure safety, the Charter School funds the salaries for bus aides on all four Erie City buses on both the a.m. and the p.m. route. Specialized training is provided for bus assistants by the Director of Student Management, with assistance from the Director of Special Services.  The Board of Directors and Administration are aware of the need to provide accommodations for special education students, as needed. Transportation for special education students who receive mental health services after school is provided through a contract with a local Mental Health Service provider and LIFT services. For special education students who have an IEP that determines the need for additional accommodations, special arrangements are made including accessible vans, door-to-door service, and transportation for students who live closer than the transportation policy provides.

Bus Rules

The following subsection outlines what is expected of students who ride the school bus to and from school:The safety of students is a top priority, and misbehavior on a school bus will not be tolerated. It is imperative that students follow all bus rules/procedures for the safety of all children. If a child violates bus rules, resists bus procedures, poses a safety risk for him/herself and/or others, the following suspension policy will be followed. If a suspension has been assigned, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to bring their child to school and pick them up after school on time.

In order to insure student safety, school staff and the bus company will work cooperatively to establish safeguards, including, but not limited to establishing assigned seating, the use of a mounted video camera, and the notification of parents.

Because the driver must focus on driving the bus, it is necessary for students to be well behaved.  Therefore, the following regulations shall be strictly enforced:

  • All students are under the supervision of the driver of the bus and/or the bus aide if one is present.
  • The driver and/or bus aide will handle any behavioral concerns that occur while the bus is in route either to or from the school.
  • The bus driver and/or bus aide is responsible for documenting any bus infractions.

When a student violates the bus policy, a written notification will be faxed to the Erie School District Transportation Office, First Student Transportation, and faxed to the Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School.

Rules of conduct on the Bus/Vans:

  • No student shall throw any objects or substances in or around the bus.
  • No student shall use loud or profane language in or around the bus.
  • No student shall engage in pushing, fighting, or other unruly behavior in or around the bus.
  • All students shall remain seated at all times while on the bus.  Aisles must be kept clear.
  • No student shall deliberately mark, deface or tamper with any part of the bus.
  • The parent of that student will pay for any damages.
  • All students will get off and on the bus at their assigned bus stop.

The first or second incident report will be considered warnings.  The Behavior Support team will speak with students regarding the incident report and will notify the parents / guardians by letter or by phone of the incident.  In cases of severe incidents, suspensions may be given without warning if deemed appropriate by an administrative staff.The bus suspension will be enforced for accumulation of referrals as set forth below.  It is the responsibility of the parents/guardians to provide transportation to and from school. Students suspended from the bus must continue to attend school. Transportation problems will not be considered legal absences.

Additional referrals will be enforced on an individual basis and suspensions will be given at the discretion of the school administration and the bus company. Additional suspensions will be longer in duration and may result in permanent removal from riding the bus. School staff may also use videotape from the bus camera to determine suspensions or additional disciplinary actions.

Bus transportation in Pennsylvania is a privilege, not a right. It is our responsibility to insure the safety of students on the bus. Student whose behavior interferes with the safe transport of other students will be excluded from the bus. Bus riders will adhere to the following guidelines and conduct:

  • Ride designated buses.
  • Use the designated bus stop.
  • Under no circumstance is a student allowed to ride a different bus.
  • Or get picked up at a different stop unless they are given permission by the school and the bus company.
  • Obey the school bus driver and monitor.
  • Sit and talk quietly.
  • Obey the rules and display appropriate behavior.

Bus Policy

Riding the school bus is a privilege extended to the students of the ROBERT BENJAMIN WILEY Community Charter School. Violations of bus regulations can result in the loss of that privilege. Misbehavior on the bus will be treated as any other disciplinary infractions, with penalties up to and including suspension or expulsion.

Traffic Flow

  • To keep the traffic areas safe and free flowing, follow these guidelines:
  • Drop off children in the back of the school.
  • Please be sure to pull far enough ahead so that other cars may unload safely.
  • Park in the designated visitor parking spaces if you need to enter the school or assist your child with car seat.
  • Do not park in the front of the school. These spaces are for buses only.
  • Buses are released at 3:00 PM.

Morning Arrival

Car Riders and Walkers:

  • Car riders and Walkers may enter the building beginning at 7:30 AM(unless they are in the before school program)
  • Car riders and Walkers enter through the front door.  After 8:00 a.m. they will receive a tardy slip.

Bike Riders

A bike rack is located near the back of the school.  We are pleased to offer this opportunity for older children with prior parental permission.

  • Parents  should complete a permission form to be kept on file in the office.
  • Park bike inside the bike rack secured with their personal lock.
  • Bike riders should enter through the front door.
  • Bike riders are dismissed with car riders.
  • Wear a helmet and other safety equipment for safety.
  • School can not be liable for safety or security of bike.