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Parents & Volunteers


Parents are encouraged to be a part of their child’s education. The ROBERT BENJAMIN WILEY Community Charter School welcomes parents as part of our school family. The Parent Room is available to parents at all times. You will find many resources for your role as a parent and as your child’s first teacher. Please feel comfortable here at any time.

The Charter School sends monthly parent newsletters to provide you with information on special events, activities and workshops that are available to parents.

The Charter School holds conferences twice each year. All teachers and parents are expected to meet at least twice annually to discuss student progress.

Monthly parent meetings are held at the school. All parents are encouraged to be a part of the parent group. Parents are welcome at the Charter School at all times. Parents are welcome in the class room to volunteer. Parents and teachers should arrange in advance of the lesson what the parents’ role will be in the lesson.

Some reminders:

  • Prior to volunteering in the classroom, parents are asked to participate in a volunteer training. This training provides ideas on choices of ways parents can assist with the school’s mission. Staff will also share any legal or policy information that volunteers will need.
  • Parents should schedule their classroom volunteering in advance with the teacher.
  • Parents must follow teacher guidelines at all times.
  • Parents may not discipline children in the classroom.
  • Parents may not be in physical contact with children, other than their own.
  • All information obtained while in the classroom is strictly confidential…any violation of this confidentiality may cause parents to be excluded from visiting classrooms.
  • In addition to classroom volunteering, parents can help the school by volunteering to serve on committees, work with special school events or assist with non-instructional tasks.

Visitors and volunteers must work in designated areas:

  • Parents are always allowed to be in the parent room at any time. If parent room is occupied byan activity, parents are welcome to visit in the lobby area. Parents are welcome to use the computer in the parent room. If the parent computer is in use, and there are no students in the computer lab,parents are welcome to use a computer in the lab.
  • Parents are welcome to attend workshops, which may be held in designated areas.
  • Parents may use adult/staff restrooms in the red section of the building.
  • Parents are welcome to use the vending and coffee machines in the staff lounge, but are reminded to use the parent room or lobby to relax and visit.
  • No smoking is allowed on school grounds. .
  • Parents wishing to check out books for the student library may do so if the librarian or guest librarian is available and not working with students.

In order to keep our building safe and secure, parents must give their destination to the office staff. Parents should not be just walking in hallways or stopping by classrooms. Teachers are alwayspleased to meet with parents, but visits without a known purpose are disruptive to instruction.