Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School

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Food Service Program

Two daily meals are provided the Charter Schools via the Erie School District. Three food service staff members manage preparation, serving and coordination at the Charter The program follows federal National School Lunch requirements.

The School participates in the Free and Reduced Lunch program as indicated by the high proportion of economic disadvantaged in our population.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

Our cafeteria serves nourishing, well-balanced lunches.  We invite and encourage our students to eat
lunch.  A menu is issued to each child monthly. If a student prefers to bring his/her lunch from home,
he/she is welcome to do so. If your child is eating a school lunch, do not send snacks and soft drinks
for your child. Note: There is always an alternate selection for students in all grades. Students in
grades 3-8 also have the option for a salad instead of the entree.  

Both meals are available for free or reduced prices. Forms for eligibility are sent home with all children
at the start of each school year, usually the 2nd week in September. If you do not receive a form,
please contact the main office. If we do not have a completed “free and reduced lunch” form on file,
we are required to bill parents/guardians for meals.