Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School

Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School"Developing Scholars and Leaders"
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The Charter School is a taxpayer-funded school targeting students residing in the City of Erie.
It is open to all eligible students on a space available basis and does not discriminate on the basis of
race, creed, income, or disability. The School develops policies and procedures in compliance with PA
Act 22 and other applicable Federal and State legislation.  It is the Policy of the School to enroll
students through a lottery entrance procedure. All students are enrolled through a random selection.
Upon selection parents or guardians have the choice to accept or pass on the opening for their child or
children attending.

All students currently enrolled at the Charter School will maintain their enrollment status unless written
notification of withdrawal is received. Lottery applications may be obtained at the school on a year
round basis. Applications will be accepted in person, through the mail, or over the phone. A notice is
sent by mail to inform applicants that their application has been received and is on record.

Note: Date of application is not a consideration for the lottery drawing. It is the responsibility of the
applicant to inform the school of changes with regard to phone number or address so they may be
properly contacted regarding enrollment. Applications are stored at the school and separated by
grade levels of entering students. A master list of all applicants’ names and grade levels are also
maintained in the school office as a back up to the original applications. Sibling designation is noted on
the master list. Siblings (brothers and sisters only) residing in the same household of currently enrolled
students will be given first priority with regard to enrollment.

Priority will be given to siblings upon initial enrollment only.
The purpose of allowing siblings priority is to reduce the incidence of family members having to attend
different schools. However, if a parent decides not to enroll a sibling of a current student (when
selected in the lottery), or withdraws a sibling of a current student, the sibling priority if forfeited. 

Sibling priority is not valid upon attempting to re-enroll students who have previously attended the
Community Charter School. If a sibling is unable to be enrolled due to over enrollment at a particular
grade level, a parent may choose to enroll the student(s) for which an opening is available. Students
who are not able to be enrolled, due to over enrollment, will retain sibling priority until registration is
offered to them, or a parent chooses to remove them from the registration lottery.

Students residing within the city of Erie will be given first priority with regard to enrollment.  However, if
there are no other students waiting to be enrolled at a specific grade level, a student may be enrolled
from another district within Erie County.

Students who were previously enrolled and moved out of the city will have the opportunity to maintain
their enrollment status and remain a student at the Charter School. Lottery drawings are held the first
week of each of the following months to fill any vacancies in all grade levels, May, June, July, and
August. If all vacancies are filled in earlier lotteries then subsequent lottery drawings need not be held.  

Lottery drawings are held at the school, by school administrators and witnessed by a staff member.
representing the sponsoring agency, contacted by phone (if available) and by mail to announce their

Mail contact is documented on the school mailing log.Those selected in the lottery must complete
registration forms with school personnel within 10 days or the opening will be forfeited.  If no response
from the applicant is received the opening will be forfeited and application will be returned to lottery and
marked with the date selected and deadline for response. Once each grade level is full, lotteries will be
frozen until openings occur. At that time, drawings will be held only to fill specific openings and may not
necessarily be done for each grade level. Following the first 13 days of the beginning of the school
year, any students who have not attended school may have their enrollment position forfeited.  Any
openings that occur will be filled through the lottery procedures listed above.

Students who are enrolled after the start of the school year must attend school within 7 school days
following the completion of registration. Those failing to attend may forfeit their enrollment position.  
A written summary of lottery transactions will be maintained at the Charter School.

Registration Procedure

Admission to the Charter School is open to all eligible students on a space available basis and does
not discriminate in its admission policy or practices on the basis of intellectual or athletic ability,
measures of achievement or aptitude, status as a handicapped person, proficiency in English, race,
color, or religion.  Once a student is offered enrollment after lottery acceptance, parents/guardians
must complete the enrollment packet and necessary registration forms.

To be eligible the student must provide:
  • Proof of residence in the City of Erie.
  • Proof of eligible non-resident status elsewhere.
  • Proof of minimum age of five years as of September 1st for Kindergartners (birth certificate required)
  • Completed lottery application form.

As a part of the enrollment packet, parents/guardians must complete the following:
  • Pupil Registration form.
  • Health History.
  • Questionnaire, Release(s) for student information academic, attendance, discipline, and special Education records. Emergency Data cards.
  • Application for Free and Reduced Lunch Program.
  • Parent Agreement.
  • Home Language Survey.
Parents/guardians enrolling Kindergarten students must also provide immunization records for the student
to be enrolled. Parents/guardians will also be required to complete the Parental Registration Statement,
upon registration.

The Charter School policy mirrors the admission policy of the Erie School District to maintain
consistency in the city. Students must be 5 years of age by September 1 for Kindergarten, or 6 years of
age by September 1 for 1st grade. Parents who express an interest to enroll a student with a later
birthday are directed to the Erie School District for assessment to determine eligibility for early
enrollment in either system.